destiny’s doing

if they ask you about me, what would you tell? would you tell them about the girl who found home in broken verses? or about the nights when you held her shivering body so tight, afraid that she’ll break into shreds if you let go? to most, love comes as red roses and glittery rainbows. […]

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i keep pouring out love like it is endless. but what if it does come to an end someday? what would be then left inside of me? what will i do if each one keeps walking out with a piece of me without giving me any of theirs? a few wise men say that love […]

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a lie.

one day i will talk of you to them. i will talk of the lies that you spun for me, how beautiful they sounded. i will talk of how i asked you if you would still love me if you saw how broken i was and how you told me you’d never leave. it’s funny […]

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i met a beautiful boy at a downtown bar. he told me that we humans are confusing. that we are almost always in a state of denial. we deny that we’re in love. we deny that we care. we deny that it hurts. we humans are confusing, he said again. would we ever love if […]

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G-U-D-I-Y-A(Hindi: Doll)

a drunk man and the smell of whisky. he called me a gudiya and slipped his hand under my yellow skirt. it hurt. it still hurts. years after and miles away, he sleeps in peace at night. while i have taken to poetry like alcohol, often tripping on my verses. i was an object. it’s […]

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Don’t give up on us just yet, my love. Just wait. My tongue is waiting to unfurl and spit out the poem that slipped through my fingers when I was drunk on love. My mother always told me that love was a comic tragedy, a fool’s venture. Do we listen anyway? I peep through the […]

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I flip through the pages of my old diary and I find her there. She and I, drunk on lies and Billie Eilish. It was all there. Cloying love letters, blatant betrayals and cheap alcohol. It was 3:15pm. She talked about her old lover’s promises while I shuffled through our playlists, searching for Jack’s Mannequin […]

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To Love.

There’s too much to say I’m afraid. And too less time, maybe? I’m afraid that if I love you, you’ll have sleepless nights holding my head in your palms, trying to understand what these nightmares mean. I’m afraid that if I love you, you’ll often find those yellow pills in your blue jeans wondering how […]

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1. At the age of 13, I remember, a girl of my class tripped over the stairs and fell. She was bleeding. I heard a bunch of tenth graders say ‘That fatso just shook the earth! It must be an 8.5 on the Richter scale.’ The girl laughed along with them. But that day, no […]

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Look inside of them. Devouring their bones is anxiety. But it’s alright, you say. I mean what could possibly go wrong, right? They’ve perfected the art of the trade, afterall. It’s a barter system. A day’s life carries the price tag of a night’s sleep. Their sold minds are now the work stations of the […]

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